When The Pistol Annies burst onto the scene in 2011 it coincided with the apex of Miranda Lambert's career. That's not to say Lambert has since fallen off, buy that it was a bold decision on her part. Unexpected.

Her star was rising, and she decided to put together an all-girl-super-group, and not for reasons a star might; the need to to stay relevant

It was nearly as surprising when the trio split just two years later in 2013, on the heels of their sophomore album, but after this weekend it's left us wondering, are they back?

Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley joined Miranda Lambert during her headlining Keeper of the Flame tour stop in Rogers, Arkansas as well as in Kansas City on Kenny Chesney’s Spread the Love Tour.

Watch as they reunite to perform their signature song, “Hell On Heels” on stage in Arkansas in the video above. And perhaps this won't be the last time we see them together.

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