Randall King sings country music, and he does a damn good job of it. Through his visits on Radio Texas, LIVE! he has confirmed many times that he enjoys releasing new music every few weeks; something he keeps proving over and over again. And it's a good feeling knowing that we are never too far from getting our grubby paws on a new King country heater.

So as we all eagerly await what's next -- his major-label debut album, Shot Glass, will drop on March 18th -- Randall is over here making more big moves. Today he shared on his socials a video of Country Music legend, Marty Stuart, inviting him to play the Grand Ole Opry.

"Shut up. Whaaat? Are you kiddin' me? That would be incredible," a stunned Randall King after receiving his invitation.

Randall King is ready for his place at the table, he's earned it, and obliviously we aren't the only ones aware of this fact. After a recent writing session with Marty Stuart, he took another step toward country music domination.

Before leaving (which I can't wait to hear what they came up with together) Stuart invited the Texas Tech alum to play the Opry.

This is a bucket list venue for so many aspiring country singers, and we're happy that King is headed there to stand in the iconic circle. He'll be making his debut on March 15th.

Man that’s just too cool, to have Marty Stuart tell me in person, after getting to write with him that morning, that I get to play the Grand Ole Opry March 15th. Completely unreal to me! When I rode with dad as a kid in that old Freightliner, he and I use to set dreams and goals together and playing the Opry was one of em. I can’t wait to stand on that circle where Hank stood. Excited is an understatement. #oprydebut

Congratulations from all of us at Radio Texas, LIVE!, Randall. If anyone's earned this it's you. Now, back to this writing session -- what'd y'all come up with? I'm ready to hear it right now.

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