Just the other day Dalton Domino and I were talking about how Randall King just can't stop dropping solid-country gold songs on us. Now he's gonna help keep us awake. Buckle up, y'all, Randall King has been on a rocket ship for while, but now this rocket is powered by his own signature coffee blend.

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Yup. King has teamed up with Coupland Dancehall and launched his own signature Hard Livin' coffee blend, named after his hit of the same name.

Early in Randall’s career, he crossed paths with Abbey Road, Texas Honky Tonk veteran and proprietor of Coupland Dancehall. A Legendary Texas joint, with an intimidating dance floor. Over time, they worked the crowds and grew the shows to sell outs. Lots of late night kitchen hangs with copious pots of fresh brewed coffee became a muse during quarantine of 2020. Vices became prevalent. Eventually, they found a Texas roaster, perfected the perfect Honky Tonk Blend...a mix of Ethiopian and Columbia beans and Hard Livin Coffee beans were in the bag.

Click here to order yourself a bag or two. I gotta wonder if he's got his pal, Garth drinking it yet. If you'll recall, back in June the country crooner opened that cross-country show for Garth Brooks at drive-in theaters throughout the US. You know which one I'm talking about, right? Yeah, that one that set a record for the largest outdoor live musical event in US history. Over 350,000 people attended that one.

Be sure to give my new podcast a listen; Buddy Logan's Aircheck is available to stream or download on Spotify, Google, anywhere fine podcasts can be found. Gotta great conversation with Randall King up there.

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