Randall King is on a rocket ship. Back in June the country crooner opened that cross-country show for Garth Brooks at drive-in theaters throughout the US. You know which one I'm talking about, right? Yeah, that one that set a record for the largest outdoor live musical event in US history. Over 350,000 people attended that one.

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Now King is back with another stone-cold-country ballad. King, who has taken to releasing singles every few months instead of dropping full albums every couple years, just smacked us in the face with "Takin' It As It Comes." What a great song, one that'd sound right at home in 1995, sandwiched between Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and Clint Black on country radio.

In the summer of '17 the product of the thriving Lubbock-music-scene notched his first No. 1 single with "Tuggin' on My Heart Strings." When King stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! in July of '18 we debuted "Mirror Mirror," the song went on to become his second No. 1. "She Gone" was a recent multi-week No. 1 on the Texas charts, and his brand new single "Hey Cowgirl," will look to overtake Aaron Watson at No. 1 next week.

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