Texas Music stalwarts The Randy Rogers Band and Regional Mexican powerhouse La Maquinaria Nortea have joined forces on a bilingual dance smash that is guaranteed to get every. single. Texan. out on the dancefloor.

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We had a vision of joining forces with La Maquinaria Norteña to create something to believe in. Chupacabra is real, it’s our way of reminding you that the human condition is actually, love. - Randy Rogers Band

All of our readers know Randy and the boys. Just in case you aren't as familiar with La Maquinaria Norteña, the Grammy-nominated band is known for featuring modern and contemporary arrangements within accordion and saxophone-led stylings.

The result of the pairing will have you singing "Chup, Chup, Chuuup - a - cabra" for the rest of the afternoon. And just in case you're still trying to figure out how to do the Chupacabra:

Ya hit the floor like it's a piñata,
roll your hips like an enchilada,
shake it out like it don't mean nada,
that's how you do the Chupacabra, c'mon.

Randy's latest radio release is the title track off of his collaborative Hold My Beer album with Wade Bowen. You may recall that both Rogers and Bowen joined us when we debuted the song on Radio Texas, LIVE! nearly one year ago.

During the interview I asked the guys about "Hold My Beer" the song, and suffice it to say that Randy was only slightly more forthcoming about it than Wade was with the sordid details.

"There's been a few fist fights between the two of us," Rogers revealed. "... at the same time we can't tell some of the stories, and we did leave out the Lindsey Lohan line."

When I pressed Wade for more details about this "Lindsey Lohan line," I was basically stonewalled. "Look man I can only reveal so much, ok?" Wade continued, "there's only certain things we can reveal, right? And I think we revealed as much as we want to in the song."

Hit play on the Wade & Randy episode of Buddy Logan's Aircheck up top, to hear the entire interview. Download the Radio Texas, LIVE! app to hear Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, and all your favorite Texas and Red Dirt music commercial-free, 24/7, through your phone. It's available for IOS or for ANDROID.

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