Randy Rogers Band recently released "Satellite" as their new single coming off their new live album, "Homemade Tamales." And today (May 12) the band revealed the brand new video for the song on CMT.com.

The song is a personal look at longing to be around the ones you love, no matter how far away you are. As Randy put it to American Songwriter, “This song reflects my longing to stay connected to the ones I love, as I spin in all directions, feeling a million miles away at times.”

RRB played 'Satellite' at Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival, and you could tell there were already plenty of fans of the song who knew all the words, despite being released only for a short time.

'Satellite' could very well be the next mega Red Dirt hit for Randy Rogers Band, and the video provides an up-close look at the feeling behind the music.

Randy Rogers Band: 'Satellite'