Texas Music stalwarts Randy Rogers Band have twice been nominated for the ACM Vocal Group of the Year, despite being grossly under-served on national radio. But like they say you can't stop a train.

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In 2020, Randy and the boys kicked off their 20th year together with an RIAA Gold record for their 2006 single, “Kiss Me In the Dark.” What is still unfortunately lost on too many mainstream country fans is both appreciated and cherished by us, and our listeners. "Kiss Me in The Dark" can be found on their 2006 album, Just a Matter of Time.

This month the guys released the new lyric video for the multi-week No. 1 "You Me and a Bottle." The video was directed by our pal Kasey James who told us regarding the project, "I wanted to do something special with this video. So I set out to put as many RRB Easter eggs as possible in it. I’ve known Randy and the guys for such a long time, I really wanted to capture the nostalgic RRB vibes with the artwork from all their past records."

That's right, the new video, like The MCU Universe, is chalk-full of East eggs. When you watch, James told us to keep an eye out for "a reference to every single RRB album cover, including Roller Coaster, Burning the Day, Nothing Shines like Neon, and Just a Matter of Time."

See if you can find 'em all up top.

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