If you didn't know, Randy Rogers wears many hats. In addition to fronting one of the most successful bands in the scene, he heads up several business ventures including Big Blind Management. This week Rogers added a promising new up-and-coming East Texas native, Chris Colston.

"When multiple people from different walks in the business started telling me about this kid that is going to be a star, I started paying attention," Rogers says of Colston. "Then we met and I was sold. He’s a solid young man with a very bright future. You can bet on that."

Colston has built a wide audience in Texas and beyond. Gone, his most recent EP, has earned nearly one million Spotify streams since its release in 2018, paving the way for an upcoming release in 2019.

"It is hard to put into words how happy and excited I am to be teaming up with Big Blind Management," says the songwriter, whose touring schedule currently stretches into June. "I couldn’t ask for a more professional or dedicated group of people to work with than Randy Rogers and Robin Schoepf. I knew from my first conversation with Randy that they have the vision and drive I need to get me to a whole new level in the music industry. I can’t wait to get started and see where this journey takes us!"

This month Big Blind Management celebrates its third anniversary, their roster of artists has included Red Shahan, Parker McCollum, and Seth James, in addition to Randy Rogers' own group, the Randy Rogers Band.

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