Reckless Kelly front man Willy Braun and his multitasking brother Cody (vocals/fiddle/mandolin/harmonica) may hail from Idaho, but over the past decade their music has been woven into the fabric of Texas Music.

Hear "Nobody's Girl" live in the RTX Studio.

With seven (today eight) albums out and even a Grammy nomination Reckless Kelly has built a monstrous fan base spanning from their adopted home of Austin north all the way to their native state of Idaho. And they've certainly established themselves as a force in the Texas, Red Dirt, Alternative Country scene.

Braun says of the Grammy nom, "We want to go back to the Grammy's!.. We had a great time. We gotta keep stepping it up, raise the bar a little bit so we can make it back."

Today, nearly two years to the date of the release of their most recent project (Good Luck & True Love, released Sept. 13, 2011) Reckless Kelly is back with a brand new, yet again self produced album, "Long Night Moon."

The guys have produced their last four records. So what's it like having the sound and quality of their work rest completely on their shoulders, I think it'd make me pretty anxious.

"It's kind of the opposite," says Braun. "We're getting a little more comfortable with it.. and kinda know the sounds we're looking for, [they] come a little easier now that we've been doing it ourselves."

Willy may be my best guest when it comes to "Five Questions." Say what you want about him, but he knows random facts... And Idaho history... And Texas history. But see for yourself, press play on our latest edition of "Five Questions."

Long Night Moon the eighth album from Reckless Kelly is out today (Sept. 9), download it here.