The Reckless Kelly Shakoolie is real and it'll change the way your drink shower beers for-ev-er.

Front man Willy Braun takes the reigns in the new infomercial for the Reckless Kelly Shakoolie. Perfect for that special someone who loves great music, cold beers, and hot showers. With every purchase you will receive one Shakoolie, one Launch Pad, and
Shower Beer Awesomeness

Keep in mind that the Launch Pad requires a smooth surface to stick. It is not a suction cup because suction cups won’t stick to porous surfaces like tile. If you have a rough shower wall (like stone), then the pad will not stick. Typical shower tiles and vinyl hold like a champ. And always use cans, never use glass bottles with your Shakoolie. Broken glass will ruin a shower beer.

Order you Shakoolie HERE.

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