He's one of Texas' most buzzed-about artists, Red Shahan. You may know him as a former member of the beloved band 6 Market Blvd. But his debut solo project Men & Coyotes, and it's haunting mix of Blues and Country turned heads across the Lone Star State. His latest project Culberson County is another standout from the Fort Worth native.

“I could write from anywhere in the world and I could attempt to paint a vague picture of my surroundings, but I wouldn’t know its structure like I do here in Texas," Shahan told Rolling Stone earlier this year. "I know the culture, I know the neighboring culture, and when we throw all that in the wash, out comes people. So in relatable terms, I at least hope that folks can point their imagination in a familiar direction while listening to my records. Texas is home and what better way to acknowledge my roots than that of putting those people, places and scenarios in song.”

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