Rita Ballou joins Radio Texas, LIVE! each week to keep us up to date on all the 'Dirt' in the Texas and Red Dirt Music scene. Here's what she brought us this week.

Hear the Dirt Here:

Killin' Fowler.

If I were planning a trip across the ocean to hunt animals in Africa, there is not another person in all of Texas I can think of who I’d rather go with than Kevin Fowler. Turns out, the Redneck Messiah has an African safari planned — and you can go with him

The six day all inclusive trip includes a guaranteed: impala, duiker, blesbok and a wildebeest (blue or black). And hey if you win don't invite me, I don't want malaria, but you can take Buddy. Click here for the deets.

The Granger Rises to the Top.

We’ve got to congratulate to our good friend on scoring his very first No.1 single on the Texas charts. Granger Smith is not only one of the hardest working dudes in the Texas scene, he’s probably the only guy in it any guy would be cool with their little sister dating — If he weren’t married and expecting his second child.

I thought this was cool, In honor of Granger’s first trip to the top Buddy posted some highlights (lowlights) from his visits to Radio Texas Live over the years.

Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger called in to talk to Granger? Or when Granger couldn't remember his wife's name? What about when he highjacked the show, with a convincing Buddy Logan impression? Relive those amazing moments right now, right here.

In Happy Happy News.

Congratulations to Brian Keane and Rachel Loy on the birth of their new baby girl. Yeah, I know this news is a lil old, but we haven’t done the dirt in a couple weeks. Kaia Mae Keane tipped the scales at 6 lbs 5 ounces. I can’t imagine how adorable and ridiculously talented this little offspring is going to be when she grows up.