My heart goes out to all musicians out there that are fighting the flu right now - can you imagine playing a 90 minute set with your head swimming, the congestive cough and nasty chills? No thank you.

However, I have found that musicians seem to keep their wits about them and are usually the last to contract these nasty seasonal viruses. They tend to do a pretty good job at taking care of their bodies on the road, so we went to them for advice on combating this year's flu:

  1. You need A LOT of Vitamin C! And no, not just those Emergen-C packets (dang it).
  2. Take Tylenol every 4 hours, without fail.
  3. Hot tea helps. Chamomile and persimmon seem to be among the favorites. And don't forget to down that water too.
  4. Take a trip to relaxation station. Many of us tend to be busy bodies, but your body needs you to lay down, sleep and watch Netflix all day. When else do you get to do that?
  5. Disinfect everything! For musicians -- that's usually the "tour bus". For you fine folks at home, everything else!

I hope some of these tips help -- I for one have found some new favorite tea :)