We've all tried some form of an anti-hangover ailment, but what really works? Perhaps it's different for each of us. Give me a burger from Whataburger and some sprite and I'm a happy lady.

But if you ask me, musicians probably know a lot more hangover cures than the rest of us. It would be stereotypical for me to say musicians greet hangovers more than the average person - but if they are hungover, they usually have to deal with it on the road.  Ugh.

So here's a few hangover tricks from our musical friends:

1. Pho (Vietnamese) Soup

Pho contains sodium, potassium and chloride. All of these minerals are electrolytes, substances that conduct electricity in the body and help maintain its fluid balance.

2. Pickle Juice, with a splash of Tabasco

It's a known fact that pickle juice aids in dehydration - that's why all the athletes use it. In fact, pickle juice contains more electrolytes than gatorade. It gives back the body what it needs. And that splash of Tabasco? It helps boost your metabolism.

3. Gallon of Water & Advil

This one is what they like to call 'hangover prevention'. Drink a gallon of water before bed to flush out your system, and pop some Advil for the headache.

What's your cure?