Some things on the road need some... extra care. Microphones? The worst. I'm not talking cords and frequency, I'm talking personal hygiene. That's right. Personal hygiene.

Microphones have a life of their own, and that little piece of foam on the inside doesn't enjoy french kissing like the rest of us.Enough saliva buildup in this piece of foam can create a very rank and un-enjoyable experience for a musician or emcee. Not to mention the germ and bacteria activity. Really... it's awful. If your sense of smell is as sensitive as mine is, then this trick is for you:

  1. Unscrew the cap of the microphone and take out that piece of foam (not all microphones contain this piece of foam).
  2. Sanitize the cap with hot water and soap.
  3. Febreeze the heck out of the piece of foam.
  4. Screw back together and let set before using.

You can thank me later.