Late last year, Bri Bagwell's "If You Were a Cowboy" was the first release off her newest album In My Defense. This week the video is your RTX Sunday Video.

This video is so special to me," Bri posted the day it was released "It includes a lot of my family. I picked up a guitar instead of the reins when I was younger... but I’ve always loved the cowboy way of life, and still wish I could spend more time on a horse. Thanks to Toni Griffin for capturing the moments of my cousins branding, Brentandlesli Bagwell and Kirk for taking me to ride in NM for the shots on the horse captured by Randy Baca (and his drone!), Aj Vallejo and Gilbert A. Villaseñor Jr. (Gibby) for putting together the bar scene in literally one day and editing a great video, The Saxon Pub for letting us film during a show, Shayley Schalk for making my hair purdy, Ross Griffin for letting us use his awesome saddle bronc footage, Matthew Thomas for being our city man star, Mac Griffin Pete GriffinTravis Griffin Cacy Griffin Matt Griffin Jaime Griffin Miller Teresa Bray Griffin and all you helpful dears! The Texas Silver Rush jewelry and black cowboy hat looking good thanks to Jason Yarbrough. I’m forgetting someone I know. Love you guys! 

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