Over eighteen years on the road and recording music, Casey Donahew has galvanized one of Texas' most loyal fan bases. It was three years ago Donahew re-released new versions of some of his biggest hits with Fifteen Years, The Wild Ride.

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With his latest release plowing it's way up the Texas charts, Donahew is looking ahead to a new era and embarking on the next phase of his career. The song is written from the perspective of a selfish jerk who willingly admits he’s not the perfect guy, Donahew mines the depth of the human heart with his latest single “Bad Guy.”"

Online, the new single “Bad Guy” is already hit by any measure, having already amassed over 6 million on-demand streams. Overall, Donahew has over 230 MILLION on-demand digital music streams through Spotify and Apple, over 390 MILLION Pandora streams and has more than half a million followers on his social platforms. Over nearly two decades, Donahew has released nine independent albums.

But this week we are throwing it all the way back to 2013, as we watch Casey Donahew tap into his hero, and cowboy side. From his album Standoff, it was went to No. 1 for him that year, "Whiskey Baby."

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