He's still fairly new to the scene, but Mason Lively is turning heads. Just one listen to "Heavy Toll" or "Early Grave" and you'll realize he's got chops. The first time I heard Mason sing "Early Grave," I was blown away.  The South Texas native has undeniable talent.

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This week for your RTX Sunday Video we're highlighting a John Mayer cover from Mason and the first question we had, how did the young Texas troubadour land on  “Gravity”?

"We started playing this song when we first went out on the road to promote “Stronger Ties,” Mason told us. "The response we’d get from crowds when it came to this song, was unreal. So I knew this thing with Shake would been a perfect opportunity to record it, and get it out to the fans."

So, how did a John Mayer song wind up in the live set from a band in South Texas, playing mainly clubs and honky tonks? "We landed on the song because, and others that play in bands will understand, it’s rare to find an artist that EVERY member of the band absolutely loves and idolizes," said Mason. "John Mayer is that artist for our band. We’re so proud of this tune and I hope the people dig it.

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