All throughout July, Radio Texas, LIVE! was your one stop for exclusive video premiers from one of Texas’ favorite bands, Prophets and Outlaws. It was so fun we don't want it to end, so we're going to continue throughout August.

This week’s RTXclusive PAO video premiere is a song that was recorded on the guy's debut self-titled EP in 2012. Matt Boggs, Steven Guckenheimer and their former piano player, Casey Seraphin, collaborated on it day during a jam session.

Steven remembers, “We all got together years ago and started jamming in a room one day. Casey started playing this really cool piano melody and I chimed in with a guitar riff, and it just took off from there. Once we had the music structure down, Matt and I wrote the lyrics. It was a really organic creation.”

It's not a song the Texas-based band performs live often anymore, so enjoy this exclusive view into PAO history.

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