All this month Radio Texas, LIVE! will be bringing you exclusive video premiers from one of Texas’ favorite bands, Prophets and Outlaws. This is the only place to catch a first glimpse. Be sure to check back every Tuesday throughout July for your VIP viewing.

This week’s RTXclusive video premiere comes to us from the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington, Texas. The guys were there last week as part of Levitt Pavilion's “free music under the stars” concert series. The Pavilion brings some of the best artists from around the world to their stage, this was PAO's first time to perform at the venue.

Check out this PAO original live video for, “The Call.” The song was written by lead guitarist Steven Guckenheimer and was included on their first self-titled EP.

The Levitt Pavilion is awesome. This is a free live music series they do…and they do it right. We had a great time and had a fantastic turnout. This is one of our favorite songs, and through the years of playing it live it has been transformed.”  -James Guckenheimer

“I wrote this song while I was in college about a girl I was with at the time. It’s about realizing that the relationship is on its way out and not wanting it to get more serious, but also not wanting it to end. It has a real bluesy feel when we play it live. I think this song represents the country and blues side of us. On the EP we put some steel on it and that gave it a more country sound, but it has the blues and soul element as well. It’s why we love playing it live.”   -Steven Guckenheimer

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