From Austin, TX, to Nashville, TX, do you want to know the best part of the Texas & Red Dirt scene? I'll get to it in just a minute, but I think you already know the answer.

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You've probably seen it before, where a social media account posts something along the lines of "Tag your favorite singer in the comments and see if they respond."

So many pages have had fun with the challenge, and a ton of artists replied. Which is awesome. I saw Cody Canada, Josh Ward, and Kolby Cooper all reply to fans' shoutouts, and I'm sure many more did. That's special, man.

But then it got out of hand.

It seemed like literally every Facebook page was trying to capitalize on the popularity of the challenge. That's when one of the RTX staff noticed that one page posted this:

"Mention your favorite artist, but this time insult them to see if they'll defend themselves."

Oh, we were all over that. And from Cory Morrow's feet to Koe's drinking; and Randall King's penchant to cover Keith Whitely, fans began calling out their favorite artists one by one.

Guys, some of the stuff y'all came up with I swear you've been sitting on these insults for years. What'd Cody Jinks do to hurt you, man?

Anyway, we decided these comments needed a better place to live than on Facebook, who knows when it'll go dark again? So we've now got all of the best ones up on our website now and forever.

Oh, and the best part of the Texas & Red Dirt scene? It's the connection. You know what I'm talking about, we're like a big ol' gaggle of music-loving friends.

Fans Tag & Insult Their Favorite Artists Hoping They’ll Respond

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