In the eyes of many Texas and Red Dirt fans Shane Smith and the Saints have been the band in waiting. And it has at times seemed they've been waiting longer than perhaps necessary. Just out there grinding, hoping for that landslide moment, a tipping point, that sends them to the stratosphere.

This could wind up being the catalyst for just that.

More people tuned in for the two hour Season 4 premiere of "Yellowstone" than did for the Season 4 premiere of HBO's "Game of Thrones," two million more to be exact.

There's no denying it, Yellowstone is the most popular cable show right now. And the show's soundtrack certainly has played a part in that. Through the first three seasons we saw so many deserving bands in our scene see big bumps in their music sales and consumption after being used on the series -- perhaps most notably Whiskey Myers.

Last week Shane Smith was excited to share with fans that his band would be featured on episode 3, but there was more. Not only was one of their signature songs being feature prominently, the episode was named after the same song, "All I See is You."

But wait there's more. "All I See is You" wasn't just playing in the background, producers, or writers, or whoever handles the dialogue took the the opportunity to include band's name in the show, "a little Shane Smith and the f*ckin' Saints!"

As pointed out by Saving Country Music, since the song aired on the show Sunday night, Shane Smith and the Saints have experienced a monumental surge in consumption. The album that contains “All I See Is You” was released in 2015, Geronimo, it is currently sitting at No. 6 in country on the iTunes charts.

There's more, Shane Smith’s 2013 project, Coast, has flown up the chart, today is is at No. 31, and Hail Mary (released in 2019) is at No. 27. The guys are blowing up, and that is well deserved.

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