Shooter Jennings has enlisted the help of several proud Texans for his new song, "Do You Love Texas," which will raise funds for the Rebuild Texas Fund.

“It was a blast being back in the studio with my old buddy Shooter,” producer Dave Cobb tells EW, “and getting back to the first record country feel, it’s almost as if we picked right up where we left off. [The two began working together back in 2005.] Texas was always great to us and it’s the birthplace of many of our heroes. After we recorded the song and Harvey had done so much damage it just felt right to donate all proceeds to help any way we can — as they say, ‘T for Texas, T for Tennessee.'”

The new song features Texas talent including: Kacey Musgraves, Kris Kristofferson, Randy Rogers, Jason Boland, Ray Benson, and Whiskey Myers.

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