We might've known this was coming, it doesn't mean we hoped it'd prove to be hyperbole. I mean, really? Who quits the railroad to start up Grammy winning musical career saying they'll be making a finite number of albums?

Sturgill Simpson.

Today he released his fifth solo project today (August 20) and is doubling down and previous statements that it will be his last, this according to a new interview with Rolling Stone.

This is the last Sturgill record. I always said there would be five, and I wondered if I’d go back on that. Going forward, I’d like to form a proper band with some people who I really love and respect musically and be a part of something truly democratic in terms of creativity. Not having to stand up there behind my name would allow me to be even more vulnerable, in a way.

One door closing thought, means another one opens, and it looks as if Sturgill has a few that have opened. We are certainly looking forward to hearing who and what he collaborates with and on. Shoot, we already know the man can produce a country record, he's done masterful work with Margo Price (That’s How Rumors Get Started) and Tyler Childers (Purgatory and Country Squire).

So the reasoning is simple and two fold:

1) Sturgill Simpson like sleeping in his own bed, something that's impossible on the road.

2) Five albums was always what it was going to be: “My wife really helped me carve that out, in terms of how to go about the beginning, middle, and end for each chapter,” he's said.

Also, he's got this acting thing happening.��Both Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell have been cast in a new Martin Scorsese film. This is Scorsese. This is big. Two of Scorsese's favorite leading men, and frankly two of the biggest stars on the planet, Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro will star in the film titled "Killers of the Flower Moon."

Be on the look out for that.

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