After releasing his new swampy-rock album/anime film Sound & Fury last Friday (September 27th), Sturgill Simpson stopped by the Joe Rogan Experience and dropped a monumental bomb on the world.

For those of you who don't have the time to enjoy the entire two hour conversation, and for the folks who were a lil upset about Sturgill's 6-show run this fall because it's probably not coming near most of us, look out. Sturgill told Rogan that he and Tyler Childers will be be heading out on a full U.S. tour in 2020.

If you do wanna hear the announcement straight from Sturgill's mouth, start playing at the 60-minute mark of the podcast.

This is something that we've all been hoping for for a long time. Sturgill produced Childer's last two albums (Purgatory in 2017 and Country Squire in 2019), so yeah since Purgatory in '17.

When we get more details, we'll pass 'em along.

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