It was four years ago that Sunny Sweeney made her Radio Texas, LIVE! debut, just a week before she landed her first No. 1 Texas single with "Bad Girl Phase." While they aren't definitely related, they might be. And we really like to think the second would not have been possible without the first.

It should be noted From a Table Away was a Billboard top 10 song for Sweeney in 2010, and she's since notched two top 40 singles (Staying's Worse Than Leaving, Drink Myself Single).

Sweeners recently stopped by the show, her first time in studio with us. Things went great, in fact we are now BFFFFs. For comparison she and Rita Ballou are only BFFs. Here's what we learned from her visit:

1. Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass is a great song, and we radio-debuted it.
2. Sunny performs well under the pressure that accompanies Five Questions.
3. Her Grand Ole Opry debut was a bigger life accomplishment than her Radio Texas, LIVE! debut, but she'd never actually say it. She's polite and changes the subject when asked to choose.
4. She loves Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark, Rita Ballou and Kacey Musgraves.
5. I'm her favorite. Sunny said "[Buddy Logan] You have honestly become my favorite person to do an interview with."

Press play on the radio debut of my favorite song Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass.


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