Our gal pal, Sunny Sweeney, is set to release her fourth album in 2017. The new project titled, Trophy, is slated for release March 10th. In what may be her most serious effort to date, Sweeney enlists several top-tier songwriters including Lori McKenna, Heather Morgan, and Caitlyn Smith.

The project was produced by Dave Brainard, who also produced Brandy Clark’s critically acclaimed, 12 Stories. Sweeney co-wrote eight of the albums ten tracks.

Trophy Track Listing:

1. Pass The Pain (Jay Clementi/Monty Holmes/Sunny Sweeney)
2. Better Bad Idea (Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin/Sunny Sweeney)
3. Nothing Wrong With Texas (Lori McKenna/Sunny Sweeney)
4. Pills (Brennen Leigh/Noel McKay)
5. Bottle By My Bed (Lori McKenna/Sunny Sweeney)
6. Why People Change (Heather Morgan/Sunny Sweeney)
7. I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight (Chris Wall)
8. Grow Old With Me (Lori McKenna/Sunny Sweeney)
9. Trophy (Lori McKenna/Sunny Sweeney)
10. Unsaid (Caitlyn Smith/Sunny Sweeney)

Sweeney is currently touring the country with Jamie Lin Wilson, Brennen Leigh and Courtney Patton for their Hard Candy Christmas Tour.