On Tuesday (August 5) the latest project from Sunny Sweeney, Provoked, hit the streets. And if you like she-rah-woman anthems, honest songs about real relationships, and a heartfelt ballad country song or two, this is definitely for you.

Sweeney will be joining us on Radio Texas, LIVE! this week, but to hold you over till then; she recently sat down with Rolling Stone Country to discuss the new album.

How did you decide on Provoked for the album title?
My husband, who also came up with the title for Concrete, saw it when we were looking up words on thesaurus.com that meant "messed with" or "pot-stirrer." He said, "I can already see the title." My first record was Heartbreaker's Hall of Fameand I wanted that to be a country record title; I wanted it to be super-duper country. I just love having a one-word title. It gets right to the point, doesn't leave any question. When it came time to name this one, I wanted to stick with the one-word title and I wanted it to encompass what the songs were about – whether it's me being provoked or me provoking someone else, or it provoking emotion out of someone when they hear it. It's one of those words that can mean a bunch of different things.

Read more from RSC, here. And don't miss Sunny Sweeney on with us this Saturday.