Crude Fest

JAB + The Camel
Last weekend Josh Abbott showed up to ChiliFest on a camel. Yup! Right there, in the middle of Aaron Watson's set Josh and his camel walked right up to the front of the stage. Was the camel-ride a well planned stunt? Did it happen organically? Where did he get a camel?
It's West Texas' biggest Texas and Red Dirt music festival, and for those of us who have come to expect Crude Fest to bring out all the biggest stars and hottest up-and-coming acts, 2015 will not disappoint.
My First Crude Fest is in the Books [GALLERY]
Man, West Texans party hard. Just as hard as East Texans, except they do it in the dirt -- in a lot of dirt. This weekend I made my way to Midland for "Crude Fest," what a great show. And once we got accustomed to the layer of dirt on everything, we were able to enjoy some really g…