Dirty River Boys

The Dirty River Boys on ABC’s ‘Nashville’
Today the Dirty River Boys posted a rather cryptic message to fans on Facebook. They didn't offer up any details, i.e. which song, what part of the episode (beginning, middle, end), if they'll be being a covered, except "you may hear a little bit of yours truly on tonight's e…
First Listen: New Music at Radio Texas, LIVE! This Week
Whether it's from established bands, or up-and-coming acts we believe in; we love bringing y'all new music. This week we've added four great new songs from Reckless Kelly, Jason Cassidy, Adam Fears and Dirty River Boys, for you to be listening for. Here's a sneak peek.
New Music: Dirty River Boys ‘Desert Wind’
I'm a huge DRB fan, and they only continue to amaze me with the tunes they release. They have a knack for adapting to different music styles, from folk and blues to country and rock.
Desert Wind is a new song, coming off their 'supposed' next album, which appears to be very different f…