Haley Cole

RTX-clusive Premiere
Singer/Songwriter Haley Cole, who announced in May that she had joined the Universal Music Publishing Group, has released a stunning new music video for the song "Jaded."
Big News for Haley
Singer/Songwriter Haley Cole shared some exciting news about her future yesterday - the way we all share exciting new these day, via her social media pages.
New Haley Cole
Haley Cole, our new favorite female vocalist has announced January 20th as the official release date of her anticipated album, Illusions, which she successfully produced via a Kickstarter campaign. She has also released the official CD release tour dates, that kick off next week, as well:
Miss Cole i…
Haley Cole 'Roses'
If you'd like a sneak peak behind one of the most anticipated albums of 2015, look no further than 'Roses' by Haley Cole! This week, Miss Cole finished recording her upcoming record Illusions, expected this January. This is one album you are not going to want to miss.
Female Vocalists
Let's just get down to brass tacks. A solid female vocalist doing something against the grain seems to be a little harder to find than the latter. That makes sense though - they are gems after all. Bri Bagwell for example -  wonderful vocalist, great writer, awesome performer.
Our Top Five
Steamboat Music Fest. The largest annual Texas Music party for fans and artists alike. Every year, there are Musicfest veterans, as well as newly invited artists. This year, Dickson Productions has, as always, amped up their lineup with quite a few awesome new artists.
Must Hear
Miss Haley Cole.
If you don't recognize her name now, you will soon. This lady is a rising star in the Texas Music scene. She's a bit of an indie artist with some twists of america, country and blues.