Johnny Manziel

Throw Back Thursday
Remember when Aggies Johnny Manziel and Ryan Swope made their music video debut? No? Check out this weeks #ThrowBackThursday.
New Commercial
In a new Snickers commercial former Texas A&M standout, Heisman Trophy winner and current Cleveland Brown, Johnny Manziel, is in desperate need of a Snickers.
With those acting chops, his new nickname: Johnny Drama.
Johnny Manziel Rap
Just about a month away from the NFL's biggest day of the off season, and there are still many Johnny Manziel detractors, and supporters. Whether you think Houston should take him No. 1 overall or he's a better late round pickup -- there is at least one high profile rapper who has Johnny F…
Manziel's Fan Message
On and off the field he is one scrutinized collegiate players of all time. And despite growing pains in the glare of the media spotlight -- in the face of his detractors, Johnny Manziel has excelled as few have. After declaring his plan to enter the 2014 draft, Manziel, sent a personal message to Te…
Pick Johnny Manziel’s Halloween Costume
Last October if you lived outside of College Station, and weren't an alum -- there's a good chance you didn't know who Johnny Manziel was. But it wasn't long before the Texas A&M freshman would be the most well-known college football player, ever.
Granger + Johnny Football
Granger Smith's latest project "Dirt Road Driveway" is the only place you can find both Earl Dibbles Jr. songs, "The Country Boy Song," and "Country Boy Love." It's also where you'll find Granger's very first No. 1 single, &am…
Granger Smith Lands Very First No.1 Single
Congratulations to a long time and good friend of Radio Texas, LIVE! on scoring his very first No.1 single on the Texas Music Chart. Granger Smith is not only one of the hardest working dudes in the Texas scene, he's probably the only guy in it any of us would be cool with our little sister dat…
"Country Boy - Part 2"
All great franchises get their sequels: "Star Wars," "Back to the Future," "Indiana Jones," "Look Who's Talking." If you aren't up to date on your Earl Dibbles Jr. videos, here we go -- First there was the original "Country Boy" video, followed by th…