The Damn Quails

Scene-lebrity Tweets of the Week | Week Ending June 8, 2015
It's true. I am a long time fan-girl of the Texas-Red Dirt Music scene. As such I can personally say how much I LOVE and appreciate when artists let us in to their lives and careers through their social media accounts. As opposed to just Tweeting to remind us when and where they can buy their m…
Worth the Click
In August of 2011 The Damn Quails released their debut album, Down the Hatch. In the years since the guys have been held up fighting legal battles, for the right to continue making music as "The Damn Quails."
The Damn Quails
Never let anyone downplay the importance of music. Music can change the world, even if it's just yours. Such is the case for Zac Reaves and his wife. Zac convinced her to go out with him the first time, to a show that ended up being the Damn Quails very first. Their lives and the Damn Quails ha…
Natalie's P.O.T.W.
I wish more often there were songs like this which resonate on the inside – a song that is pure and fresh. It should happen more often than not.
When this song first hit radio a couple years ago, I had it on repeat for weeks. You can't help but nod your head and tap your foot to the beat..…