Whenever the Tejas Brothers are around, a good time is sure to be had. The fun-loving band knows how to enjoy themselves and bring a crowd of people into their happy place. So it goes without saying that laughs and jokes were had when Dave Perez, John Garza and Beau Johnson (guitarist Derek Groves was running late) stopped by the KEAN studios for a visit.

The first part of my conversation with Dave, John and Beau included Perez tells us "We're honored. We're up for the challenge...I think people want to smile, right? And it doesn't matter if it's country music, or Tex-Mex music or rock & roll or blues. If it makes you smile, if it makes your foot tap, man, why not let us play? Let us play for you. That's what we want to do.". Mr. Perez also attempts to explain the origin of the word "festival" and fails. Miserably. Check it out:

Part two of the Tejas Brothers' visit included an in-studio performance of "I Can't Sleep", the band's first single to make the Texas music charts. Minus their lead guitar player, Beau stepped up to play guitar and filled in like a champ. Take a listen:

The interview with the Tejas Brothers continued with talk of the newest CD, 'Live a Little More', and how smooth it was bringing in Bo and Derek into the lineup. "Since the very first time we had a lineup change, when our first guitar player left the band, we were like 'Oh is it gonna be shaky? Is that gonna be hard for us to win over the fans?'...and it was easy. It was cool. And then the 2nd lineup change...bringing Bo and Derek into the band [childish giggles, because he said 'Bo and Derek']...that move seemed a lot smoother, because they are so, so talented and so smooth...". Dave also explained that for the Tejas Brothers to work, "The chemistry's got to be there". And it is. Take a listen:

I talked the Tejas Brothers into playing one more song - probably making them late for their show in Midland - and they obliged with the title-track from the new CD, 'Live a Little More'. Listen to the song, and the last part of my interview with Dave, John and Beau here:

The best part about the Tejas Brothers is that with all the fun they have, the music comes first. And they are a fantastic band who are always welcome in our studio. Keep track of the Tejas Brothers' concert schedule on their official website. You can also "Like" them on Facebook and follow the band on Twitter.