When I think back to my childhood, I remember times with no responsibility and having so much fun like so many people did in Texas.

While those years went by fast, we always dreamed about growing older and having more freedom. But most of us would be more than happy to go back to those days where most weekends included watching cartoons while eating bowls of cereal. 

Cereal and Cartoons

Those memories are the best, because I was lucky enough to grow up in a loving family with lots of siblings to play with. It’s fun to think back to those days and when you sit down and have a bowl of cereal like you did when you were a kid. It was just a much simpler time, yet we all loved it. 

Relive Those Childhood Memories 

Life seems to keep going faster and faster, which makes us cherish our childhood that much more. Most of us have happy memories growing up and we would love to experience that again, but unfortunately, we have bills to pay and responsibility that makes cartoons and cereal more difficult than it used to be on the weekend.

Although, if you have time, I would highly suggest spending your Saturday morning watching cartoons and eating cereal. 

Cereal Flavors We Miss 

We all had a favorite cereal we loved growing up, but many of them are long gone now. Here is a look at some of the breakfast cereals we loved when we were growing up that aren’t around anymore.

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