Driving in Texas, for the most part, is a good experience. The problem is, there can be that one driver that makes it a headache for everyone else.

We've all seen it, everyone is driving properly, and no one is being impatient or rude behind the wheel, here comes that driver in your rearview mirror. That driver is weaving in and out, speeding, tailgating, just being a pain.

A Deadly Accident

Speed is something we have to really pay attention to while on a freeway. Even though the posted speed limit is 70, 75, 80, or even 85, there are those drivers who believe that driving at a speed of 90 or higher is just fine

It's NOT by the way and no one has any obligation to move out of your way if they are properly following the speed limit.

Deadly Crashes

It's drivers like that that can cause a major accident. At those speeds, and with the various sizes of vehicles, the results of an accident can be tragic. Unfortunately in Texas, four intersections are considered deadly, meaning there were more than three fatal crashes between 2004 and 2021.

Those intersections are US 287 and Texas 360 Toll in Ellis, County with seven fatal crashes, US 90 and FM 1413 in Liberty County, SR 302 and FM 866 in Ector County, SR 115 and FM 181 in Andrews County, all with five fatal crashes (piastawalker.com).

As far as overall crashes per state, Texas ranks third with Florida at number one and California at number two.

Drive safely out there my friends.

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