There's a dangerous new drink becoming popular among college-aged kids, and it's only getting more and more popular, The BORG.

This BORG is a mixed drink for individuals to carry into a party. Now if you haven't seen one of these being carried into one of your parties lately, you're probably not hitting up a college party full of Gen Z'ers.

This drink has become popularized through social media platforms and goes by the acronym 'BORG' which stands for 'blackout rage gallon'. Creators of the concept claim while drinking this alcoholic drink at the party it's also a solution to a hangover issue at the same time.

Think of it as a replacement for 'trashcan punch' or 'jungle juice', instead of getting a drink from a 5-gallon bucket, sink, or tub, the BORG is premade and brought to the party.

What goes into a BORG?

According to CNN Health, it all begins with a plastic gallon of water. The user empties out nearly half of the water and then adds to it a fifth of alcohol, usually vodka or other distilled spirit, a flavor enhancer, and electrolyte drink powder. It's then shaken up and personalized with some kind of name or memorable saying.

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The BORG is intended to get you drunk.

Consuming one of these all by yourself during a party could land you in a hospital or even take your life due to alcohol poisoning. While it may seem to be diluted because of the water, there is a lot of alcohol concentrated in that gallon jug of water.

The Poison Control Center says a fifth of alcohol contains about 25 ounces of liquor. Keep in mind that a standard mixed drink has 1.5 ounces of alcohol. So if you were to consume a full gallon of BORG you'd have the equivalent of 17 shots of alcohol. You'd definitely be feeling the effects of the alcohol.

False hopes from consuming a BORG.

Thanks to social media, many teens and college students believe a BORG reduces the effects of a hangover the next day since the drink is made with over a half-gallon of water and electrolytes. That's a false sense of hope because by consuming that much alcohol, you're still going to have a hangover from hell.

BORGs are beginning to show up at high school parties across Texas and studies are showing that this new drinking trend is leading to more binge drinking among late teens and early twenty-somethings.

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