In an effort to inform would-be-felons about the risk of swallowing their marijuana; Will Hutson and Chris Harris, two Texas attorneys, took on the role of singer/songwriter.

Hutson and Harris, who are based in Waco, were inspired by the sheer number of pot-smokers who have made the mistake of swallowing their drugs -- or throwing them out the car window -- over having them potentially being discovered by police officers.

It is apparent that marijuana enthusiasts are overwhelmingly unaware that being caught trying to "tamper with evidence" is a far more serious charge than being caught with a small amount of pot.

While the PSA is appreciated, and something we enjoyed, we don't anticipate the Texas lawyers topping the Texas Music charts anytime soon... and remember kids, "Doooon't tuuuurn a Claaaaaass Beeee into a felonyeeee, by tampering with evidence."