From Houston, TX and around The Lone Star State, with the Holidays Here And Everyone In Good Spirits, Scammers Are About To Get Busier Than Ever.

With the good vibes of the holidays, you and your loved ones are feeling "generous" and folks who prefer to get their money through nefarious means knows this and are willing to do anything to get you to give it up.

That's why an East Texas police department is warning residents about another scam that's going around as we get closer to the holidays and it also serves as a reminder to be careful who you're talking to on the phone.

The Longview Police Department Posted A Scam Alert.

According to a post on the Longview PD Facebook page, Longview Police was notified that a man was calling residents in the area stating that he was a Longview Police Officer claiming they have a relative who needs money to resolve a criminal situation.

Please Remember That Police Won't Call You Asking For Money.


While the Longview Police Department Warrant Officers may contact members of the public directly, they will never ask for payment regarding outstanding warrants over the phone. These officers will give you the contact information for the Municipal Court where any and all payments should be made.

If you receive such a phone call, do not provide any of your financial information over the phone.

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If you have provided money, gift cards, or other forms of payment over the phone to someone claiming to be a Longview Police Officer, please call our department to report this as theft. Our phone number is 903-237-1199.

And depending who the "family member" is, you'll probably hang up anyway.

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