Technology can be a scary thing for many in Texas. Some don't understand it. Some don't want it all together. Others fully embrace new technology.

Self-Driving Lawn Mower

In last year's city budget, approval was given to purchase self-driving lawn mowers for the City of Tyler to use to maintain city property. These mowers cost about $55,000 but are able to be run without someone in the driver's seat.

They are equipped with sensors that can detect objects in front, in back and on each side to avoid hitting something or someone (KETK).

It's a cool technology that the City of Tyler can use to cut labor costs which in turn can save a few tax dollars. You may have noticed a self-driving mower on the property of Right at Home in Tyler on East 5th Street. It is not as big as the one the City of Tyler purchased, it's more like a Roomba you would have in your home, except it keeps the yard looking nice.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Be On the Lookout

When you visit one of Tyler's parks this summer, don't be alarmed if you see a lawn mower running with no driver, it's probably one of the city's new self-driving mowers hard at work keeping the park looking great.

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