In a move that has left each of us other 26,956,956 Texans thinking to ourselves, "Why the hell didn't I think of that," singer Rich O'Toole and @SorryImTexan founder, Sean Compton, are "putting the Tex back in in text." After months of anticipation, today, the two proud Texans launched the biggest, and most appropriate app to ever hit the Lone Star State.

Texmoji will revolutionize texting for all big-haired, Whataburger lovin' cowgirls and "Come and Take it" flag wavin', pickup truck drivin' cowboys.

Spurred on by a plague of questions and thoughts including: “Why isn’t there a Texas flag emoji? We’re practically our own country.” “Queso is life. Therefore, I need a queso emoji in my life.” And “Whataburger emojis are a Texas thing, y’all wouldn’t understand.”

O'Toole and Compton have launched their own answers to those questions and plenty more, to the tune of high-quality and high-resolution emoticons.

While Android users (myself included) are out of luck, for now, iPhone usin' Texans can download the app for just $1.99. Texmoji is iOS 7 & iOS 8 compatible, with over 120 original Texas themed emoticons, in-keyboard function, making it easier to communicate with TexMojis, and high resolution designs. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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