It's no secret, making it big in any genre can make you rich -- and it's no different in the Country Music genre. But lately, with a sound that is appealing to younger and younger audiences country has become even more lucrative. But who are the richest country singers? Yeah, there are some new acts making the list, but it should come as no surprise the tip top of the list is comprised of proven acts.

Quick breakdown: Nine of the top 10 had radio hits prior to 2000. The No. 1 richest singer is worth over half a billion dollars. Faith Hill is worth more than her husband, Tim McGraw. Four out of the top 10, and two of the top 3 are female, not a bad split.

10. Alan Jackson estimated $75 million.

9. Faith Hill estimated $80 million.

8. Johnny Cash estimated $120 million.

7. Garth Brooks estimated $150 million.

6. Taylor Swift estimated $220 million.

5. Kenny Rogers estimated $250 million.

4. George Strait estimated $300 million.

3. Shania Twain estimated $350 million.

2. Dolly Parton estimated $450 million.

1. Toby Keith estimated $500 million.