A group of (mostly) bearded rockers from Palestine is returning to take the stage at the second Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival in Downtown Tyler on May 2.

The Bigsbys will open Red Dirt for the second consecutive year, and we're proud to have our East Texas boys back to start our show.

The Bigsbys play rock & roll distilled from the roots of America and tested by the road. The band is quickly building a reputation for soulful performances, tight sets and a unique sound.

Good Will Suitcase, their second album, is out now. Take it from us: We’ve heard it, and it’s good.

The Bigsbys are: Alex Smith, Russell McClendon, Brad Hobson and Nick Odom.

Taking cues from the likes of Creedence, Uncle Lucius, the Vaughan brothers and some country infusion, The Bigsbys own a unique sound that knows how to make you move.

The Bigsbys described it best when talking about their music: “Gritty, yet easy on the ears.”

The Bigsbys: 'Can't Keep You Waiting'

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