Last week we teamed up with our friends at Cavender's to infuse more Texas Music into your life with "The Cavender's + Radio Texas, LIVE! Texas Music Infusion Contest!" After seven full days of contesting and two days or trying to get a hold of our winner, we finally have her.

Congratulations to Carla Cettleton of Wichita Falls, who was our winner! Big thanks to all who entered and listened to us online. If you've yet to check out our online radio station, here's how you can:

You have two ways to listen.

  1. At our online radio station, click here to listen now.
  2. On your smart phone via RadioPup. Here's how you find us:
  • Download RadioPup in your phone's marketplace.
  • Click "New Station."
  • Click "" -- now we're on your smartphone.

Keep listening to Radio Texas, LIVE! on your radio Saturday nights, and online non-stop. We have some pretty big prizes, surprises and announcements coming your way this summer.

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