You hate them, I hate them. Everyone in Texas hates them. I am correct to assume that you hate spam calls, right? Oh, you "despise" them. I'm sorry I didn't mean to diminish your hatred of robocalls. It won't happen again.

No matter where you live in The Lone Star State, did you know there are five area codes that you should never answer?

I've noticed an uptick in spam calls in the last few months, anyone else? I'm not sure if my registration in the National Do Not Call Registry lapsed, but lately, I seem to be getting more of them. Is anybody else receiving more spam calls than normal? Maybe it's just spam szn.

By the way, if you aren't on the DNCR I'll show you how to do that too. 

It's hard to believe that in '24 spam calling could be a lucrative business, you'd think by now there's no one left to scam. But I suppose when you're fishing with a big net all it takes is catching one poor soul off guard, and boom, worth it.

According to

Scammers are constantly finding new ways to trick people into giving away personal and financial information. One tactic they use is to make calls from area codes that are associated with a specific region or country, in order to make their calls appear more legitimate

Steps to take if you receive a suspicious call you suspect may be a scam:

  1. Do not engage with the caller. They're trying to keep you on the phone to gather more information about you. Just hang up.
  2. Never give out any personal or financial information to the caller.
  3. Do an online search, and check if the number has been associated with a scam.
  4. (ACTUALLY #1) Add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry, click here for more info on that.

Five Area Codes You Should Never Answer if You Live in Texas

Wherever you live in Texas, chances are very high you hate spam calls. But did you know that there are five area codes you should never answer? These are area codes that are notoriously spam callers.

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