The Highwaymen -- comprised of WIllie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson -- led the outlaw movement that began in the 1970s. Only two remained to perform on stage at the Grammy's last night, in what may be the last performance that we see them together.

Understandably, Merle Haggard, who also joined the Outlaws in the '70s, joined these fine boys on stage in this historical performance…but Blake Shelton?

He just couldn't leave this one alone.

The Highwaymen built their collaborations around true, strong friendship -- that's why I find it out-of-place that Shelton would be a part of this performance. I think they could have found a much better highwayman for the Grammy's, although their memories cannot be replaced.

Outlaw country is, sadly, fizzling out - and it is folks like Dale Watson that are keeping it alive, not Shelton.

Just my personal opinion.

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