Happy New Year, from all of us here at Radio Texas, LIVE!, we wish you all the best in 2021. Later this month we will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of a little Saturday night show that has grown so much since 2011, but more on that later, for now let's take one more look back at 2020.

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You know, between our LIVE Saturday night show -- heard in 16 markets across 6 states -- and our app featuring a steady 24/7 stream of hardcore Texas and Red Dirt, we get to share so much great music with the world, and that is always something that I've always taken a lot of pride in, but, perhaps, even more so last year.

Between a worldwide pandemic, social unrest, and a political mess that we're still sorting through, the music was always here. We were happy to be here playing it for you every day, as all of us clung on to sanity by our fingernails. Well, time to pat yourself on the back, congratulations, here we are, out of the hell called twenty-twenty.

Last Saturday (January 2nd) we counted down the biggest songs of the year here at Radio Texas, LIVE!, and just in case you missed part of it, or want to relive it, below you will find the most-played singles last year.

30. Kat Hasty - Pretty Things
29. Koe Wetzel - Good Die Young
28. The Wilder Blue - Dixie Darlin
27. Chris Colston - Five Beers
26. Sturgill Simpson - I Don’t Mind
25. Jon Wolfe - Heart To Steal Tonight
24. William Clark Green Poor
23. Cody Hibbard - The Truth
22. Jonathan TerrellLove Can Find You Anywhere
21. Kolby Cooper - If I Still Had It
20. Austin Meade - Happier Alone
19. Jon Wolfe - Feels Like Country Music
18. Bart Crow - Boots
17. Randall King - She Gone
16. Read Southall Band - Stickin' N Movin'
15. Kylie Frey - I Do Thing
14. Josh Abbott Band - The Highway Kind
13. Randy Rogers Band - Drinking Money
12. Mike and the Moonpies - Smooth Shot of Whiskey
11. Parker McCollum - Young Man’s Blues
10. Charley CrockettWelcome To Hard Times
9. Kolby Cooper - One Night Stand
8. Koe Wetzel - Forever
7. Casey Donahew - Bad Guy
6. Randall King - Hey Cowgirl
5. Mike and The Moonpies - Danger
4. Whiskey Myers - Bury My Bones
3. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - Rodeo Clown
2. Cody Jinks - Ain't a Train
1. Cody JohnsonDear Rodeo

Thanks for a great year, you know, despite itself. We're looking forward to finding out what 2021 has got for us.

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