Little River Smith will not be forgotten. Last week Granger and Amber Smith were tasked with the unthinkable, they had to say goodbye to their three-year-old son forever. We later found out that River had died after he drowned in a swimming pool.

Right after I saw Granger's post, a poignant tribute to his youngest son, I broke down. Most days my wife or her parents will pick up my nearly three-year-old daughter from her pre-school class, not today. I gathered myself, left work, and went straight to her school. When that beautiful little girl saw me, she jumped straight up, nearly tripping on her mostly empty backup that is slightly too big for her tiny frame. She ran toward me with a huge smile, her arms wide open saying "daddyyyy!" I nearly broke down again. I held her so tight.

In a moment when most parents would be angry, and rightfully so, Granger and his family did a complete 180, making two decisions that will be felt for lifetimes, by countless lives. 1. They decided to donate their son's organs. The lasting affects of this decision are immeasurable. 2. They have pledged all of the proceeds from a tribute t-shirt to their son to the hospital where they said their last goodbye to young River.

Number 2 is where we come in.

The River Smith Tribute Shirt is on sale now, and 100% of the proceeds from this shirt will go to Dell Children’s Medical Center in honor of River Kelly Smith. Granger and Amber Smith’s youngest son may have tragically passed away on June 6, 2019, but his death will now be a positive force for any kid who comes to Dell Children’s Medical Center. And more-so for every young life that will be able to continue because of his gracious mom and dad.

The shirt has a Yee Yee Excavator on it (Riv’s favorite thing to do was watch excavators scoop up dirt) and is red, his favorite color. Order your shirt now by clicking HERE. My whole family just ordered ours.

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