Singer/Songwriter and self proclaimed Cooker of Ground Round, Jamie Lin Wilson shared the last of a series of music videos she did recorded live at Floores County Store for the company Modern Trade today on her Facebook page. I loved it so much that I wanted to share it as well.

This song is titled "You Left My Chair." Jamie wrote it with Adam Hood and Jason Eady about a photograph she took in her hometown of Yancey, Texas.


Jamie shared the "story behind the song" on her Tumblr page:

When Roy and I lived in Yancey, I would often take my girls for walks around Yancey Proper. Down the block, to the left, past the churches and fire station and down to the Post Office to check the mail. Sometimes we’d go across the street to the Yancey Store and get a push pop. There was a house around the corner from us that I had seen before, a green tile house with arched entryways, that had stood empty for as long as I’d been visiting or living there. On this day, though, I noticed a chair sitting on the front porch, right by the door, like it had been used every day. I took a photo of this scene, and wasn’t quite sure why. But I thought there was a song in that photo somehow.

A few months later, my friends Jason Eady and Adam Hood shared a show with me in Luckenbach. After the show, we went to Fredericksburg to write and I showed them this photo. We sat down that day and wrote this song about the person who sat in that chair. Today, this house still stands. The weeds are a bit taller and thicker, but the chair hasn’t moved.

"You Left My Chair" is on Jamie's Holidays & Wedding Rings.