Josh Abbott, Cody Johnson, Pat Green, Wade Bowen, Kevin Fowler and many more of Texas Music's biggest stars have joined forces on "Faith in the Water," to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. We debuted the song on the show a couple weeks ago, but today we're happy to debut the new accompanying music video.

The song was written by Roger Creager and Kyle Hutton, and is sung by the Justice League of Texas, and Red Dirt; The Texas Red Dirt Choir. All funds raised by the song will benefit Rebuild Texas Fund.

"In the studio, someone called it the 'We Are the World' of Texas Red Dirt Music and it stuck!" Creager says. "The musicians, production personnel and artists all rallying behind the effort is humbling and inspiring."

The Texas Red Dirt Choir features:

Josh Abbott, Bri Bagwell, Ray Benson, Jason Boland, Wade Bowen, Roger Creager, Deryl Dodd, Kevin Fowler, Susan Gibson, Pat Green, Josh Grider, Kristi Grider, Matt Hillyer, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Kyle Hutton, Jack Ingram, Cody Johnson, Micky and Gary Braun of Micky & The Motorcars, Mike Harmeier of Mike & The Moonpies, Cory Morrow, Kyle Park, Dave Perez, Willy and Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly, Heather Stalling, Max Stalling, Larry Joe Taylor, Koe Wetzel, & Jamie Lin Wilson. Also featuring Curtis Lee, Sheree Smith, Demetrius D-Soul Davis, Dorothy May Clark & Ange Kogutz

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